The most important thing when planning a refinishing job, certain factors must be taken into account to achieve a beautiful and durable finish, in this case, after preparing the work area, the following process was carried out:

1. Industrial alcohol-based primer were used to avoid acids bleeding through.
2. Surfaces were prepared using acrylic putty, plastic putty, bondo, and dynaflex caulking.
3. Butyrate-based paint was applied to ensure optimal adhesion, elasticity and durability.

The most important thing to consider in this type of project is the way the surface is prepared before finishing as there are several ways to achieve beautiful finishes on surfaces or cabinets that appear to be useless or replaceable.

Hector Ruiz as a professional in chemistry and Ruiz Custom Painting, we know most of the processes and chemical reactions and we have the perfect mixes to offer you the best service at a fair price.

Do not put the finish of your painting projects on inexperienced hands, “Cheaper does not always equal better” and you deserve the best quality and professional service.


Hector Ruiz
Painting and Decorating Contractor
Lic. #1031806


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